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Beautiful Blooms

May 22, 2018

Having beautiful blooms around me is one of my greatest sources of inspiration.  And these blooms come in all forms - growing in my garden, fresh cut flowers from the farmers market, dried petals, and of course embroidered floral bouquets of my own creation.

romantic bouquet art

In my own gardens, I'm all about the zinnias, plumbago, geraniums, salvia, lavender and marigolds And even though they are not flowers, rosemary, lemon balm and basil are key players as well.

From my local farmers market or flower market, I prefer to buy flowers that I can not grow easily myself or are very seasonal.  Hydrangeas are probably my go-to flower.  I just love their puffy, pillow shape and anything that comes in shades of blue will immediately capture my eye. Asters, hyacinth, and peonies are other fun ones that I gravitate to.

necklace embroidery

Wild Garden Embroidery

For dried petals, roses are the winner, probably because the hold their color and shape so well.  But bay leaves and lavender are also kept stockpiled for inspiration  for both the artistic and culinary whims.

As for embroidered flowers, all you have to do is take one look at my Instagram feed (@andotheradventuresco) to see where my creative inspiration is leading me.  Color palettes and seasons being my biggest influencers.  


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