My love affair with embroidery, books, and flowers began when I was a little girl. The summers of my youth were spent digging in the dirt, reading books, working at a flower shop and stitching away. My first embroidery piece was a cross stitch pattern featuring colorful barn animals. 30+ years later and I still have that piece hanging in my house today.

As life continued, I grew up and things got busier and busier, leaving me less time for these simple joys. I had lots of adventures – I went to college, built an IT career, traveled all of the world, fell in love, got married, and had my babies. And as with all people who live life to the fullest, I also experienced my fair share of heartache, loss and dark moments. It was during those times that I would make my way back to embroidery, books, and flowers as a way to ground me and rediscover a slower, simple calmness. So it is on that note, that I opened this shop. I want to celebrate all of life’s adventures – from the bright and shiny moments to the moments of everyday magic as well as the moments that hurt. There is beauty in all of it. Because, after all, those adventures combined are what represents a life well lived.

Thank you for stopping by my shop.  It really does mean so much!