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Blue Hydrangea Hand Embroidery Pattern

June 18, 2019

Blue Hydrangea Digital Download Embroidery Pattern

Blue Hydrangeas... They are one of my most favorite flowers.  I love how puffy they are and how each petal has multiple shades of blue within it.  So when I sat down to design this embroidery pattern, I knew that texture was going to be key.  This pattern has loads of texture, but also those beautiful shades of blue.

Digital Hand Embroidery Pattern Blue Hydrangea Flower by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

Something to note... I did not list this Blue Hydrangea pattern as a beginner pattern for only 1 reason.  The techniques that I use to get that texture can be hard on the hands.  But with a trusty set of pliers, lots of breaks and some patience, this pattern is completely doable for a beginner. 

Okay, so who is ready to grab their own hydrangea pattern and get started?!

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