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January 28, 2020

Coffee and Embroidered Hoop Art on Tweed by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

Listening to:The Rosie Project.  I’m almost finished with it and have really enjoyed it.  The audio version just makes this story so much better.  If you are looking for a fun read that will make you smile and root for the characters, this is a great one.  Next up in the listening queue... Where The Forest Meets The Stars.

Watching:Sandition on PBS, The Bachelor, and CHEER.  Ha ha! Definitely all sides of the spectrum for this category.

Reading:Just finished Castle of Water.  LOVED this book.  I finished it in 2 days.  It’s about an American man and a French woman, who are strangers, that become stranded on an island after their small plane goes down.  It is this really poignant story about what truly matters in life and how the sweetest and hardest moments are always better appreciated/endured when you are with the right person.  Next up is The Marsh King's Daughter.

What I’m working on:The Valentine’s Day Collection (launching on Thursday) and Wedding BouquetHoops!  The time from when I announced the wedding openings on email to when they sold out was less than 2 hours.  Wow!  It was crazy.  And I am positively gleeful about the bouquets that you sent in…. I can not wait until I can share the finished hoops!

Excited about:A bit of hibernation time.  After the busy of the holiday season and the chaos of the last few weeks (BOO to unexpected hospital visits), I am really excited about cozy nights at home snuggled up on the couch with a stitching project or a good book.

Eating:So many things from the new Defined Dish Cookbook. Her Tostada Recipe is on repeat over here. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while.  She is from Dallas and cooks a lot of Paleo and Whole 30 dishes that I love. 

Dreading:Cedar allergies and Flu season.  It is all around and we are doing our best to stay healthy.

Planning:My Spring Collection.

What I’m looking forward to:My husband and I have a trip to Barcelona planned for later this year!!! I am crazy excited and am in the planning phase!  So if you have any Barcelona recommendations, PLEASE let me know.

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