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Dreamy perfection

June 06, 2018

Dreamy Pink and White Wedding Bouquet Embroidery by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

When I first received the photos for this gorgeous bridal bouquet, I let out a little gasp.  It was just simple perfection. I knew immediately how I would create each flower, what thread colors I would choose and how it would all come together. I am not saying that the process to create was simple or quick.  But more like the bouquet and I were totally on the same wavelength from the minute I saw it.

Embroidered bridal bouquet

It is not often that a bouquet creation immediately forms in my mind.  Usually I spend a number of days brainstorming each flower and each stitch that I will eventually use to create it.  So this one was definitely different because it all magically came together in my head so quickly.

And I could not be more please with the final result.  Dreamy perfection, for sure.



If you are interested in seeing more of my bridal bouquets or maybe even getting one of your very own, please visit here.

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