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8 Skillshare classes that I am using to improve my creative business

July 10, 2018

8 SkillShare classes that are improving my creative business


I would like to consider myself a life-longer learner. Whether it's reading books, listening to a podcast, or meeting people from different walks of life, I am so energized by learning new things.  That's probably why I love entrepreneurship so much.  You are never done learning ALL the things that go along with running a business.

So when I was introduced to Skillshare a few months ago, I got all sorts of excited. Skillshare is an online community with thousands of classes in design, entrepreneurship, photography, crafty skills, finance and so much more.  I love that Skillshare allows me to dip my toes into different worlds all within the comfort of my home.  But most importantly, I love how Skillshare has helped me to improve my business.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share some of what I have been watching to help me with my own creative business.

Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Inspiring Visual Stories
This one is a no brainer.  Who couldn't use a bit of photography help in this social media world?  And then when I saw that the class was taught by Marte Marie Forsberg, I was definitely in as I have such an Instagram crush on her and her work.

Building an Etsy Shop that Sells: Strategies for E-Commerce Success
I feel like this class provides such great foundational knowledge that is relevant whether you are just now opening your Etsy shop or you have been selling for years. Plus it is given by an Etsy employee, so you know it is good information.

Procreate Basics: Keeping a Digital Sketchbook on your iPad Pro
I use ProCreate to make my embroidery patterns.  And while I love the tool, I feel like there is a bit of a learning curve to work through. This class has helped me figure out shortcuts  that make my work go a lot faster. So now I find myself opening my Procreate app when I have a new pattern idea; whereas before I would grab a pencil and paper.

Getting Started with Email Marketing: Learn with MailChimp
This is a class is a crash course for all things email marketing.  And while it is created by the people at MailChimp, I feel like a lot of the information is really relevant no matter what email platform you have.  Since I am in the throes of my email marketing plan that will take me through the end of the year, this one was perfect timing and made the learning curve of getting this all setup so much easier.

Fundamentals of Google Analytics
So I've had Google Analytics set up on my website since its beginning.  But it is a lot of information to digest. And then there is the question of what do you do with all that information.  I feel like this course offered some good insight.

Top Tips for Selling at Art & Craft Shows
I just signed up to sell at ArtsGoggle this fall and I am excited and a bit intimidated all at the same time.  This class covers the basics of what you need and tips to have all go seamlessly when selling at a craft show. 

Productivity Habits That Stick Using Time Theming
This summer, I am really focusing my energy on how I can streamline my business and work smarter, not harder for this upcoming holiday season.  This course is helping me wrap my brain around that and figure out actionable steps to get it all done.

Introduction to Social Media Strategy
Let's just say that I am feeling a little underwhelmed with all the changes to the new Instagram algorithm and my sales have dropped because of it.  So I chose this course in order to get a refresher. You learn how to choose the best platforms for your business, how to create content, how to schedule your content and improve your posts. While it was not quite what I was looking for, I still think it is a great course for someone just starting out with their social media presence.

If you want to give Skillshare a try, you can use this linkto sign up and you'll get 2 free months . You can cancel at any time and switch to a free account.  Think about everything you could learn to help your own business!

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