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January Reads

January 31, 2020

January Reads - And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


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The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion

So good as an audiobook!  It was light, funny, refreshing and is unique in that it is told from a quirky, smart male perspective.  I would love to see this made into a romantic comedy movie. 4/5 stars


Castle of Water – Dane Huckelbridge

LOVED this book.  I finished it in 2 days.  It’s about an American man and a French woman, who are strangers, that become stranded on an island after their small plane goes down.  It is this really poignant story about what truly matters in life and how the sweetest and hardest moments are always better appreciated/endured when you are with the right person. 5/5 stars


Girls Like Us – Cristina Alger

It took me a while to get into this audiobook, but it was a solid listen once I did.  It is about a female FBI agent who returns to her childhood home after her father’s unexpected death but she quickly finds herself involved in a murder investigation.   3/5 stars


The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah

Goodness, this book! This book is going to stay with me for the rest of my days. Such an intense story of heartbreak, hardship, and survival, I loved the characters and was rooting so hard for them.  This is one of the best books I have read in a very long time.  I LOVE that I was able to start this year off with such an amazing book.  5/5 stars

As always, you can see a consolidated list of all my book reviews HERE.

Now it’s your turn – what book have you recently read that you can’t stop thinking about?  I feel like I started January off to a great start and I would love to continue the trend.  So tell me in the comments what you are reading, what you are loving, and what book recs you have for me.


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