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Meet Daphne!

April 13, 2022

The Daphne Bouquet - DIY Embroidered Florals Hoop Art digital pattern | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


Meet Daphne!  A few weeks ago, I asked for you to help me name this beauty on Instagram Stories.  Well, you did not disappoint!  So many of you submitted “Daphne” as your idea saying that this bouquet reminded you of all the florals in the Bridgerton series on Netflix.  I LOVE that!  There is truly no better compliment than to have one’s work be compared to the dreamy, multi-layered floral romance of Bridgerton!  And now that you have said, I can not get it out of my head and these bright pink florals will now forever be known as The Daphne Bouquet. 

I rate this PDF Pattern at a Beginner to Intermediate level.  The stitches themselves are not difficult, but there are a lot of them.  And this bouquet design does require some hand dexterity and patience.

This digital download includes:

  • 11 pages of stitch guide, instruction, and notes
  • A Supply List
  • 2 patterns (normal view and reverse) that you can use to print and transfer
  • A DMC color scheme
  • Links to loads of tutorials on website
The Daphne Bouquet - Pink Floral Embroidery pattern inspired by the romantic flowers of Bridgerton | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co
Product Name: The Daphne Bouquet
Skill Level:  Beginner - Intermediate



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