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My Grateful List

July 27, 2020

Blog Post - My Grateful List - And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

This season of life is hard.  It seems that now more than ever, we are all dealing with stressors, anxiety, and some sort of grief.  And while I can't just wipe the slate clean and make all of that angst go away, I am trying so hard in my own life to consciously think about what is going right in my life.  And then I focus on that list every time the world feels just a bit too heavy.

So here goes nothing... Things I am GRATEFUL for today:

  • Coffee - what would I do without you, old friend
  • A clean kitchen (hoping it lasts all the way until dinner)
  • Fresh peaches
  • UPLOAD series on Amazon Prime Video - It is quirky and funny and a lovely distraction
  • My girls have learned almost all the words to Hamilton and I am counting that as a Quarantine Homeschool History Class WIN!

If you are so inclined, leave me a note below and tell me what you are grateful for today.

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