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Our 2020 Family Mantra and a new Embroidery Kit

January 08, 2020


Beginner Hand Embroidery Hoop Art Rainbow KIT by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

At the beginning of each year, my husband and I sit down with our two girls and come up with a mantra of sorts that we use to guide us through challenges/goals/adventures that we have coming up in that year.  In 2019, we intentionally chose our mantra to be “We can do hard things.”  And oh boy, did we each live and breathe that one.  It was a challenging, thought provoking, confidence building, fall-down-and-get-back-up, glorious kind of year.

For 2020, our mantra seems to have chosen us. Based on conversations that we are having a lot around the dinner table, we have deemed this will be the year of “Do Good, Be Good”.  This phrase means something a little different for each one of us – but the overall theme is that doing good is rarely in the form of grand gestures.  Instead it is often in the smaller, everyday acts of kindness, speaking truth, and relying on your internal compass that encourages you to do the right thing always, but especially when it is hard.

As with most creative things I do, my personal life inspired my creative/business side of things.  As I was dreaming up this embroidery design, I was drawn to the simplicity of one embroidery stitch – the French Knot.  At first glance, that French Knot may seem small and underwhelming. But when you take that small, but mighty French Knot and combine it with a collection of other small French Knots, something bigger is born.  I like to think of each French Knot as representing an opportunity where someone has chosen to the Do Good.  And the finished rainbow being the grand finale of Be Good, serving as a visual representation of how we hope our year will look at the end of December.

Do Good, Be Good Pink and Green Rainbow Beginner Hand Embroidery DIGITAL PATTERN by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

I hope that whatever your 2020 holds, know that you are completely capable to not only achieve it, but make it beautiful in the process. Just take it one brave moment at a time.  I'm cheering you on the whole way.

To create your own Do Good, Be Good hoop art, click HERE.



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