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Our favorite Halloween books

October 23, 2018

In this house we live and breathe all things Halloween.  One of our favorite ways to celebrate the holidays and changing seasons is with my girls' bedtime stories.  Each year, we let them each pick out one new book for each season.  They take this job very seriously taking into account which book is spookiest, which one has the best pictures, and of course which one has the prettiest heroine.  Here are the ones that they picked out this year plus a few of our favorites from years past:

Our Favorite Halloween Books

 No Such Thing Book

:: Room on a Broom - This has been a crowd favorite for a couple years now and is easily the most read book we own.  Bonus is that this book has been turned into a cartoon on Netflix that is just as cute.  So if you are going to pick up just one new book this year, this is the one that I would recommend.  This is also the one that I gift to all my new mamas.

:: No Such Thing - This book was nominated by my girls as best cover and pictures.  Gotta love that pink colorful cover!

:: Vamperina Ballerina - This is a new one for us this year. My youngest picked this one out and thinks it is the most hilarious.  This is one is definitely in high rotation during each evening's bedtime stories.

:: Pinkalicious Pink or Treat!- My girls are obsessed with all things Pinkalicious; so this book actually stays out year round.  As a mama, I love that this book appeals to both my girls regardless of their 4 year age difference... especially when I stumble upon oldest daughter reading it to the younger one hidden while snuggled under the covers with a flashlight.

:: Happy Halloween Curious George- We have had this book for a few years now and while it is definitely geared more for a younger audience (under 5), we still enjoy reading it a couple times during the Halloween season.

:: How to Make Friends With a Ghost - This another new-to-us book. We love the illustrations and it is just all around sweet story.


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