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Introducing The Bloom Collection

February 21, 2018

The Bloom Collection is an idea that I have had mulling around in my brain for a couple years now.  I wanted to create a series of bouquets that would not only teach the methods on how to create these gorgeous bouquets, but also tell a story of sorts.

Whenever I work on a commissioned wedding bouquet, I always think about the bride that held it...

What is she like?  

How did she meet her husband?

What inspired her to pick these flowers?  

I love dreaming up romantic stories and characters to fit these gorgeous bouquets.  So I guess the The Bloom Collection is really just my way to do just that.  I imagine these interesting, beautiful and complicated women and weave a story around them and envision how that particular bouquet came to be in their lives. 

So if you will humor me just a little bit longer... my hope is that anyone who purchases one of my Bloom Collection patterns will then use it to dream up their own heroine and story line through the colors they choose and the thoughts brewing their mind as they embroider it.

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