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❤ The Valentine's Day Collection is HERE! ❤

January 21, 2021

The Valentine's Day Collection is HERE! | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


As with all my Collections, this year's Valentine's Day Collection pulls so much of its inspiration from my real life, where I am as an artist, and things that I am currently dreaming of.  The pull of nostalgia mixed with hope was felt very strongly within these hand embroidered creations.  I'm nostalgic for small things like dinner parties with friends, coffee dates, and school Valentines Day parties that are not happening this year.  But I am also hopeful for the possibility of future warm weather get-togethers outside in a fully blooming garden, in-person book club, and hugging friends without worry.  While Valentine's Day and Spring often make one think of softer, pastel color palettes, I think you can see some of this tug in my heart in how I am craving brighter colors and lots of texture.  It's almost like these bright embroideries are here to remind us that there are better days ahead. 

While these embroideries are definitely nourishing to my creative soul, there is no higher compliment than knowing that something I have created might bring some happiness to another person.  So it is my hope, that these creations bring some beauty to your every day and fill you with the promise of better days ahead.



The 2021 Valentine's Day Collection | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

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