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What I Read in October 2022

October 28, 2022

What I Read in October 2022 - And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


I'm sorry to say that I think this month's roundup may be a bit disappointing.  My reading just okay this month.  Which is fine... you can't get 5 star reads every month.  Plus this was a jammed packed month for the business with lots of long days for me where I would just come home and crash, leaving little time and energy for reading

Kingdom of the Wicked – Kerri Maniscalco (A)

This was a great ridiculous and fluffy audiobook listen that got me through a long roadtrip to go do something stressful, but necessary with my parents.  I wanted something easy, entertaining, and not too heavy. So while the writing and storyline are not high-brow, it was exactly what I needed at that time.    3/5 stars


The Gifted School – Bruce Holsinger (A)

Oh, this book. So much cringe-worthy behavior from the main characters and unfortunately, I just know too many in-real parents that are too similar. So I am unsure if my distaste of this book stems from the over competitive, my-child-is-perfect-in-all-things parents that I personally know and veer away from or the actual story or something else.  But whatever it is, it did not sit well.  It is completely opposite my parenting style. However, while I did not enjoy the actual reading of the book, I did thoroughly enjoy the book club conversation that came after and for that I am grateful.  This book makes me question what are privileged society is coming to and how that may affect our kids in the long run. 2.5/5 stars 


The Book of Magic – Alice Hoffman  (A)

I loved The Rules of Magic!  But unfortunately, this next book in the series was just okay. While I enjoyed revisiting some of my favorite characters, I had the hardest time getting into this audiobook.  It seemed disjointed a bit.  But if you love the Practical Magic series, then I would recommend this is an easy read. 2.5/5 stars


Local Woman Missing– Mary Kubica (A)

Here’s the premise – 11 years ago, two women and six year old girl went missing. Now the girl is back having escaped her captors. It is an as-expected thriller.  Not bad. I did not see the ending coming at all. Highly suggest the audio, it was so well done. 3.5/5 stars  


B – Physical Book

A - Audiobook

As always, you can see a consolidated list of all my book reviews HERE.


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