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Winter Color Palettes

January 06, 2022

Winter Color Palettes for Hand Embroidery | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


Sometimes when I think of winter, I envision these really dull colors and everything is dead.  But if you really look closely, you realize that that is really not true.  Winter is brimming with color - whether its is in the sunsets that fill the sky to the dried blooms still hanging on to a floral branch, there is so much color.  You just have to look a bit harder for it. So in the season that I usually think of as a filler time that is after the holidays but before spring comes, I encourage you to really look for  and discover the color palettes of winter because it is really quite beautiful.

I have so much fun making these fun color guides. Choosing colors for your hand embroidery project can sometimes be the hardest part of the whole process.  I get it and know this first hand. A Color Palette can make or break the entire stitching project and they are the most commonly asked question that I get day after day. So it is on that note that I've been pouring my creativity into these new Color Palette Guides.

My goal of these listings is to arm you with tried and true color palettes that you can use to create an embroidered piece that you ADORE.  Plus, when you mix and match Color Palettes with any one of my digital patterns, the options are endless!  So much fun!

To see the FULL collection of Embroidery Color Palette Guides, Click HERE.

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