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AOA April Reads

May 04, 2020

AOA Blogpost - April Reads by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


  1. Ask Again Yes by Mary Beth Keane – Two NYPD rookie cops and their wives live next door to each other just outside the city. But what happens behind closed doors sets the stage for an explosive event that will change the course for both families. A great read with lots of strong characters and challenges that they have to work through. I was rooting for so many of the characters and empathizing (yet really mad) at other characters. In the same vibe as Little Fires Everywhere or Big Little Lies, this would make a fantastic movie or tv series!  4/5 stars

  2. Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo– A young women with a rough past is invited to attend Yale and tasked with monitoring the activities of Yale’s secret societies… and things go wrong. A solid listen with good narration. However there were times it just felt too long. Hearing where the author got her inspiration for the store definitely made me more interested in learning more about New Haven and Yale secret societies.  The jumps between flashbacks and present day were sometimes difficult to follow – most likely just due to the audiobook format.  This book is darker with heavier topics compared to her other books – but I liked that.  It gave the story more meat.  I could see this being turned into a movie or tv series.  3/5 stars

  3. The Silent Patientby Alex Michaelides –A bit predictable at times and then not predicatble at all at other points. This was a great listen with lots of twists and turns and red herrings that one loves to see in psychological thrillers. I will say that I did pick this up as a regular book and just could not get into it; but as an audiobook, I loved listening to it. Originally I was going to give it 3.5 stars, but after listening to the afterword interview with the author, I decided to bump it up. He talks about how the premise for this book is rooted in a Greek mythology and to see how he created this story out of that just made me love it more. 4/5


  1. Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center –It is about a female firefighter who takes a job up in Boston at an old-school firehouse. This book is not my usual type of read. But during this pandemic, it is exactly what I was wanting. The writing and storyline are light and not too complicated and with some romance, but also with a few heavier subject matters woven in to give it some depth. Plus the steady narrative kept my attention as I listened to it.  3/5

    Okay, I don't know about you, but I need some good book recommendations for May.  Something that will pull me in immediately and keep me going through to the very last page.  So tell me in the comments what you are reading, what you are loving, and what book recs you have for me.

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