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Stunning Eucalyptus + Succulent Embroidered Bridal Bouquet

April 24, 2020

Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet Embroidery Art at And Other Adventures Embroidery Co
Eucalyptus and Succulent Bridal Bouquet Embroidery Hoop Art by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co
Hand Embroidered Details Succulent Anemone Wedding Bouquet by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

Roses, eucalyptus, succulents and white anemones come together to make this breathtaking bridal bouquet.  Goodness, this bouquet is stunning!  I had so much fun recreating it with all its subtle colors and texture.

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And if you are interested in trying to create your very own DIY wedding bouquet, I have quite a few resources to get you started.

2 Responses

And Other Adventures
And Other Adventures

October 21, 2020

Thank you Amy. No, this is a custom bridal bouquet based off a real wedding bouquet. I do not create my bridal bouquets with a pattern. Instead I create them stitch by stitch, flower by flower with no intent to teach, usually taking over 40 hours to create just 1 bouquet because details are everything to me. From the artist perspective, it is the difference between painting by number versus painting a huge masterpiece. Plus, this custom bouquet is so personal to the bride – it would seem strange to have anyone else create one for themselves. Thank you for understanding.


October 21, 2020

Everything is beautiful!
Is there a pattern available for the eucalyptus and succulent bridal bouquet?

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