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Chivalry is alive and well

January 26, 2018

One of my favorite things about creating these embroidered wedding bouquets is to hear all the stories behind them.  Sometimes it is bride buying it for herself, a mom who wants to gift it to the woman that will always be her baby girl, or a best friend that is over the moon that her friend has finally found her prince charming. But my favorite conversations are the ones with the husband that is buying this bouquet for his wife.   Their reasons range all over the place from amazingly romantic to "I screwed up big time" to "my wife won't stop dropping hints until I do this".  I love all their reasons because they all represent real life in all its beautiful authenticity.

This gorgeous, ethereal white bouquet falls into the first group.  A husband who wanted to surprise his wife on their anniversary.  For anyone who thinks that chivalry is dead, let me be the first to assure you that it is alive and well.  And I love that I get to see it on a regular basis through my work.

White Wedding Bouquet Embroidered Hoop Art by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

Classic White Bridal Bouquet Embroidery Art by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

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