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My favorite literary heroine

February 02, 2018

Anne Shirley has always been my most favorite character in all of literature. I love her tenacious spirit, her romantic soul and her knack for getting into awkward predicaments. But most of all, I love that she always stays true to her authentic self, which is hard to do in her world as well as the one that we currently live in.

I originally created this Anne of Green Gables hoop to hang in my daughters' room.  I want them to always be inspired by strong female role models that are the heroines of their own stories. So of course, Anne came to the top of my mind. But I received so much positive feedback about this design that I decided to turn it into a DIY pattern so that everyone could have a bit of Anne in their life.

So for any of you kindred spirits out there that are looking for a cozy project to keep you busy this weekend, I would like to suggest this Anne pattern.   

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