Dreaming of Bright Summer Meadows

March 01, 2019

Bright Summer Meadow Embroidery Hoop Digital Pattern by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

As I type this post, we have a cold front rolling this evening that is supposed to drop us into the 20s (which I know is downright balmy for many of you). The grey skies and brisk wind have me counting down the days until I can spend my days in the sunshine, picking vegetables and flowers from my garden and hanging out poolside.

With all those dreamy images swimming in my head, I took my Spring Meadow hand embroidery pattern and tried it out with this new color palette.  I am loving it and I hope you do too.

So if you are still in the thick of winter and craving all the bright colors and promises of warmer temps, this Bright Summer Meadow pattern is just for you. 

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