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Embroidery 101: Finishing your hoop

June 20, 2018

Embroidery hoop

There are many ways to finish the back of your hoop, making it ready for display. Everyone has their favorite, but mine is to back my hoops with felt. I like knowing that not only is my embroidery back secure and won’t accidentally get snagged on something, but also that the felt protects the wall a bit.

Here is how I do it: 

  1. Trim your embroidered fabric so that there is about 1/2” – 1” allowance sticking out around the edge of the hoop.
  2. Using the inside of the hoop to trace, cut out 1 or 2 circles of felt that are the same size as the inside of your hoop.
  3. (Optional) If you have light fabric, I like to take felt circle #1 and simply place it inside the back of the hoop up against the back of the embroidered fabric. This helps to reduce transparency that may occur with light fabric.
  4. Tuck all of if your embroidered fabric allowance towards the backside of the hoop. Take felt circle #2 and place on top of that tucked fabric.
  5. Then take a threaded needle and stitch a running stitch all around the perimeter of the hoop, securing the felt to the embroidered fabric. Once you have completed the circle, tie a knot in the thread. This will leave you with a nice, clean backing.

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