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On my work table

April 03, 2018

Embroidered flowers

Sometimes in between custom projects and pattern creation, I like to sit down and just stitch something completely freehand.  Usually I only have a color palette in mind when I begin. In a way, I feel like the act of stitching without a pre-conceived direction brings me back to the roots of why I embroider.  For me, it brings the same calmness that I get when I create a real flower arrangement, slowly building something bigger flower by flower.

Floral embroidery

I think that it is an interesting exercise for all embroidery artists because it really taps into your creativity.  And let's be real here... sometimes my freehand works turns out beautifully and other times it is a complete dud.  And that is OKAY.  Even duds are part of the creative journey.  

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