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Why the heck do I store my embroidery floss on clothespins?

April 26, 2018

My favorite way to store embroidery floss by And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


I get asked this question at least once a week.  Why the heck do I store my embroidery floss on clothespins?

The short answer is because I have always done it that way.

But there is also a long answer...


Why do I store my embroidery floss on clothespins? | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

Storing my Embroidery Floss on Clothespins saves my sanity | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

Because it saves my sanity.  Keep in mind that I own a minimum 1 skein of every DMC color, more skeins for more commonly used color palettes.  The bridal bouquets that I create typically use 20+ colors each. And I always have multiple projects going on at one time. So organization is key. I usually keep each project's floss in a pencil case or a bowl so that nothing gets mixed up.

When stored on clothespins, I find that the embroidery floss does not tangle as much and the end of the floss is kept secure.  This is especially helpful when that floss clothespin gets shoved in between the couch cushions or has been taken on an adventure by one of my kids. I can't tell you how many times I have found a floss clothespin down at the bottom of the toy box.  Now that my kids are getting older, that happens less and less... but you get the idea.

Storing my embroidery floss in vintage soda crates | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co


Storage is another aspect.  I store all my floss clothespins in two vintage wooden soda crates. I sort them by color family.  I love that I can visibly see what colors I have fully stocked and where I might be running low.  Plus, in my opinion, they are just pretty to look at.

 How I store my embroidery Floss | And Other Adventures Embroidery Co

Travel.  I routinely take my embroidery wherever I go.  Soccer practice, a road trip, or even moving from my studio to the couch to binge-watch some Netflix after the kids go to bed.  These clothespins travel really very well.

So there is the long and short of it.  And because I also get asked this once a week, here a link is where I purchase my clothespins.

But I would love to hear from you... How do you store your embroidery floss and why?


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7 Responses

Karey Moore
Karey Moore

September 28, 2023

I just finished winding all mine up around clothespins – and I also wrote the DMC # on the clothespin. Seriously just wrapping them around the pin is a form of therapy in itself. :)

I have about 300 skeins of floss to keep organized so I clipped them to file folders that I trimmed to three different depths (1 inch, 4 inch, 7 inch) so they lay flat in a three ring binder three rows across. At about 18 pins per row, that’s 54 skeins per layer and my 3inch binder will go 5 layers deep. Travels easily enough and keeps them dust free. (I can also make mini 5×7 binders with just 1 inch and 4 inch file folder tabs for smaller projects that you only need a specific set of skeins for.)


June 16, 2021

I use the mini clothespins to store left over thread. Before I started using the mini clothespins I always ended up with a mess of thread that I ended up either throwing away or donating to the birds for nest building. Now I’m not wasting so much thread


March 05, 2021

Please share whether or not this prevents kinks in the thread, when you unwind it??


November 20, 2020

I also store my floss on wooden clothespins the main reason, other than those you’ve given, is that I can write the company, number AND color right on the clothespin – plenty of room!

Malisa Price
Malisa Price

October 08, 2020

Just got a pegboard & clothes pins to start this for my floss too!!!

Viki D
Viki D

March 27, 2019

I love this idea. I have cross stitched and embroidered for years. I have always wanted a different way to store my floss…..I too over the years have aquired tons of floss. Thanks for the tip, I can’t wait to re-organize my floss and display it!

Debbie King
Debbie King

March 03, 2019

I see the photo of how you finish off the back of the hoop … (running stitch on back?? ….do you have any pics or how tos on that idea?

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