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The Bloom Collection

Every time I create an embroidered bouquet, I think of the woman that would be holding it.  I imagine what she is like....  Is she whimsical and fun-loving?  Or maybe she is determined and knows what she wants out of life? Or maybe she is a bit mysterious with an interesting past.  Whatever her story, I believe that there is a bouquet that captures her spirit perfectly. 

It was in that spirit that The Bloom Collection was created.  This series of hand embroidery patterns is not only designed to teach someone how to recreate these gorgeous flowers, but also offer each woman the chance to find her own perfect bouquet.  So whether you want to create an embroidered bouquet in honor of your mom or best friend OR you want to try your hand at recreating your own wedding bouquet, I want to teach you how to do that.

Each bouquet tells a story.  What will yours be?