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My favorite embroidery tools

At least once a week, I get asked questions about where I get my supplies, what my favorite tools are and why the heck do I wrap my floss on clothespins.  I am sharing all my notes today on what you need to get started in hand embroidery and where to find the supplies.


Embroidery Tools

One of the things that I love so much about hand embroidery is that it is a relatively inexpensive hobby.  To start up this timeless hobby, you really only need 5 basic tools.


    You should be able to pick this up at any local fabric store.  Be sure to double check for any splintering in the wood and be sure the the twist screw at the top is working.


    What size you choose for a needle really comes down to personal preference and what fabric you are stitching with.  You can use a smaller needle on linen.  But you will definitely want a stronger, more durable need if stitching on denim. Some people are very particular about their needles.  And some people are not.  I'm in the camp of using whatever I can find. Just be sure that the needle eye is big enough for the embroidery floss that you want to use.  Here is what I use.


    I am a DMC embroidery floss kind of girl.  I know there are other brands available, but I love that I can order #dmcthreads online or pick up at my local fabric store and all the colors are readily available. 


    Pretty self explanatory, but you will need sharp scissors to cut your fabric and thread.  Bonus points if your scissors are pretty. Here are my favorites.


    This is another one that falls in the personal preference category.  You can literally stitch on anything from linen to burlap to mesh fabric.  For me, I love the texture and look of linen fabric for about 90% of my work.  And then I stitch on tweed when I'm feeling a bit fancy.

    For beginners, I recommend finding a non-stretchy, non-see-through cotton fabric (like Kona Cotton) to start out on.  I find that this type of cotton is more forgiving for the beginner just trying to learn the craft.  I use Kona Cotton in all my embroidery kits. If you ask anyone at a local fabric store, they should be able to narrow down the huge amount of choices.

    How simple is that?!


    Now that we have gone through the basics, there are also a bunch of tools that are definitely in the fun, nice-to-have category as well.


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