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My Love Affair with Midnight Blue

October 05, 2020

My Love Affair with Midnight Blue
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Fun Fact - Midnight Blue is my all time favorite color.  If you were to walk in my house, it would be very obvious how much I love it.  While my house is relatively neutral with a mix of white, grey and wood elements, I have added pops of dark moody blue in almost every room - smoky blue glasses in the kitchen, a velvety throw blanket in navy is on the couch, and even the outside of my house is painted in a dark navy/midnight blue color.

Unfortunately there are just not many dark blue flowers that exist in real life. Otherwise those would be all over my house as well. But the beauty of creating embroidered flowers is that you can do whatever you want!  So I took my most popular Wildflower design and stitched it in a moody blue color palette that feels so much like me. 

I love how this turned out and would have been content just having done this for myself.  So I was extra happy when I heard from many of you about how much you loved it and wanted to know if it would be a kit.  I am happy to report that I have officially made this into an official Wildflower Color Palette that is now available as both a FULL KIT and a DIGITAL PATTERN.

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