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The 2018 Fall Collection

August 30, 2018

So as many of you know, I took a few steps back from the business this summer in order to slow down and spend more time with my kiddos while they were out on summer break.  You can read more about all of that HERE.

But even though I was on social media less and not updating the site, my hands were still very much busy creating new embroidery.  I loved it!  I felt like that time away allowed me to regroup and remind myself why I love this time-tested art form so much.

And now that summer is over and my kids are back in school, I have so many fun things to show you!  So without further ado, here are some of the fun pieces within this year's fall collection that launches on Saturday, September 1st!

Topaz Hand Embroidered Bouquet

Fabric Pumpkin Decor

Bouquet Embroidery

embroidered fall necklace

Deer Embroidery Hoop

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