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Do Good, Be Good Digital Embroidery Pattern - Pink and Green

At the beginning of each year, my family comes up with a mantra of sorts that we use to guide us through challenges/goals/adventures that we have coming up in that year.  For 2020, our mantra seems to have chosen us. Based on conversations that we are having a lot around the dinner table, we have deemed this will be the year of “Do Good, Be Good”.  This phrase means something a little different for each one of us – but the overall theme is that doing good is rarely in the form of grand gestures.  Instead it is often in the smaller, everyday acts of kindness, speaking truth, and relying on your internal compass that encourages you to do the right thing always, but especially when it is hard.  To learn more about the story that inspired this design, you can read that here.

There is a lot of information crammed into this document. Your purchase includes:

  • a printable pattern
  • the pattern’s stitching guide
  • a material list
  • Online stitch tutorials
  • Links to all my favorite embroidery tips and tricks, as well as DIYs for transferring your pattern and backing your hoop

This pattern is sized for a 5-inch hoop.

This is a DIGITAL download. You will not receive any physical product in the mail. Once you purchase the pattern, you will be able to instantly download your PDF file.

Due to the nature of this item, we do not allow refunds for digital downloads.

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